the etc team

ETC is a global advisory firm. We serve the business and wealth interests of serial entrepreneurs and UHNWIs. We provide strategic support through technical operations support and optimization, financial and data analysis, outsourcing, offshoring, asset protection, and private wealth governance. 

Evan Thomsen


Evan Thomsen is a classical advisor and entrepreneur with an elite clientele of UHNW serial entrepreneurs. With over $5.8 BN in assets under his management and advisement, he has structured and analyzed more than $2.6 BN in asset sales and acquisitions, while serving as trustee and advisor to the trusts, wills, and estates of five UHNWIs.

As a successful entrepreneur, Evan has founded three companies, co-founded seven, and is a partner in nine.

Evan’s diverse background includes working as a personal trainer to elite athletes, serving as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, directing acapella choirs, and leading humanitarian fundraising efforts across four countries.

He has degrees in international security and intelligence studies, international affairs and conflict analysis, and an MBA. He is a lifelong student of philosophy and history.

Currently residing in Florence, Italy, just steps away from the resting place of Da Vinci, the Medici, and Machiavelli, Evan aspires to be the greatest advisor to ever live, modeling his practice off of Machiavelli’s philosophy of realism and power.

Lanie Alingalan

chief of staff

Lanie is Evan’s right hand and operates across a broad spectrum of operational and administrative activities. She principally oversees the technical administration of financial advisors and consultants onboarding several million AUM a day, recruits, trains, and manages a paraplanning division, and coordinates the administrative needs of the business and its clients, from Australia, the US, Mauritius, Nevis, and Belize.

She has worked from the ground up and has achieved well beyond her peers due to her determination to succeed. Her previous experience included management positions overseeing 100 staff, and legal and administrative work for several million dollars of international real estate.

She has degrees in Business Administration, Operations Management, and Human Resources.

She currently lives in Bacolod City, Philippines.

Rida Ali

Marketing Director

Rida is a digital marketing expert and brand strategist. She manages the client portfolio of the company by directing and implementing effective digital and content marketing strategies for our clients. From technical financial writing, to capturing trends on new platforms, Rida is not merely a Jack, but a Queen of all trades.

She started freelance content writing at 16 and built a reputation despite her age. She started her own consulting business soon after and worked with several clients around the world. She has held positions as the head of digital marketing for one of the largest property developers in Pakistan, a senior consultant with an international marketing agency, and managed monthly ad spend budgets in the tens of thousands.

She currently lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

Joyce Meryer

Special Assistant

Joyce supports several operational and administrative functions for the company and our clients. She principally communicates with our legal partners in several jurisdictions and assists in client onboarding and documentation for international corporate and trust structures. Additionally, she plans and coordinates client trips, international travel, and luxury accommodation and itineraries for Evan and our clients.

She is a technology enthusiast and skilled researcher. She has her degree in Financial Engineering and is learning multiple programming languages. In her free time, she enjoys attending tech meetups, participating in coding challenges, and exploring new ways to integrate technology into her work.

She currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anne Anonuevo

Operations Officer

Anne is an experienced operational support specialist who manages several operational and administrative functions for the company and our clients. She principally supports the administration of Australian operations, which includes the support of financial advisors and consultants onboarding several million AUM daily. She also coordinates between a large multinational paraplanning team and advisory team.

Prior to ETC she worked in the energy sector throughout the Asia Pacific and in pharmaceuticals in the Philippines. Her responsibilities ranged from administration to territory management. 

She has her degree in Business Administration.

She currently lives in Legazpi, Philippines.

Samara Martin

Operations Officer

Samara is an experienced operations and business management professional who assists the company and our clients in several ways. She principally supports the administration of US financial planning and services operations, which includes the support of financial advisors and consultants.

Previously, she worked in the transport, cannabis, and BPO industries throughout Jamaica. Her responsibilities included everything from administration, logistics, and production management. Through her entrepreneurial pursuits she has launched her own boutique at home pastry business.

She holds degrees in Environmental Studies and Business Management Supervision.

She currently lives in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.