Advisory For Business Owners

Alexander The Great, Caesar Augustus, and Marcus Aurelius had an advisor

Business owners are the new kings. I help them build business kingdoms.

Every business owner wants

unmitigated domination in their business niche.

A fulfilling life, where action is harmoniously aligned with the most sacred ambitions. And efficient and tangible benefits of success.

Achievement requires competence and fidelity

to keystone aims and habits.

Because all too often the ambitious sacrifice half of quod est maxime momenti – what is most important – in order to gain, what?

Acquiring wealth at the expense of family and self is a decaffeinated pleasure, leading to the efficient funding of emptiness and risk. 

Instead, you must hit the bullseye three times.

Or better yet – Split the arrow. And again.

➵ Master yourself ➵ lead your family ➵ maximize your profit.

None have done that alone. None without an advisor.

Business owners hire me as their advisor to achieve greatness.

Just like Alexander hired Aristotle and Augustus hired Agrippa.

The machiavellian business advisor

Machiavelliianism is misunderstood. The actual text is far different than the popular interpretation – which is often done by those who haven’t read his work, and only repeat what they hear.

I style myself after Machiavelli because of the utility and rarity of his principles in business.

There is no dogma or false idol in his advice to rulers. My only change in his words is in directing them towards business owners rather than monarchs.

I use his wisdom as tool to maximize the success of all my clients. 

my creed as an advisor

➵ Mandate

Quod Est

Maxime Momenti

➵ Method

Inveniam Viam

Aut Faciam

➵ Aim

Soli Deo


I am substantially occupied for 2022 and am unlikely to take on additional clients at this time.