The Science of Businesscraft

Evan Thomsen is a business and wealth advisor. He applies Machiavelli’s science of statecraft to businesses, or “businesscraft.” His objective as an advisor is to increase the wealth and power of his clients, the capacity of their holdings, and generation longevity of their impact. His clients collectively manage several billion in assets.

Business Advisory
Asset Protection
Family Trusts

I'm the Last Truly
Classical Advisor

I’m business-married to my clients. Like advisors of old, they won and lost with the liege they served. This is my mentality.

It is in stark contrast to a modern cycle of disloyalty and corporate hopping. This is boring to me, and consistent with typical behavior. Typical behavior is attractive to the ordinary of ability and spirit.

Strategy & Numeracy

The philosopher Alan Watts said we should aim to get paid for playing. I have figured this out.

I am a strategist and analyst. This is my game. It is fun.

Global Network

I work in several countries. I live in Florence, Italy. I own a few businesses in a few countries. I have helped build outsourced teams in a few countries.

A Few Billion

My clients collectively manage a few billion in assets and investments.

The Heir of Machiavelli

I live steps away from Machiavelli’s tomb. 

Tanto Nomini Nullum Par Elogium.

I have applied his philosophy of Statecraft to Businesscraft. I advise owners as he advised rulers.

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