Consulting and Advisory For Business Leaders

Alexander and Augustus had an advisor

Take everything you do to the upper limits of the possible.

Every business owner wants

unmitigated domination

in their business niche.

A fulfilling life,

where action is harmoniously aligned with the most sacred ambitions.

And efficient and

tangible benefits

of success.

Achievement requires

competence and fidelity


keystone aims and habits.

Because all too often the ambitious sacrifice half of quod est maxime momenti – what is most important – in order to gain, what?

Acquiring wealth at the expense of family and self is a decaffeinated pleasure, leading to the

efficient funding of emptiness and risk 

Instead, you must

Hit the bullseye

Three times.

Or better yet –

Split the arrow,

And again.

➵ Master yourself ➵ lead your family ➵ maximize your profit.

None have done that alone.

None without an advisor.

Business owners hire me as their personal advisor to achieve the impossible.

Just like Alexander hired Aristotle, Augustus hired Agrippa, Cao Cao hired Xun Yu.

I advise great business leaders


Quod Est

Maxime Momenti

What is most important.


Inveniam Viam

Aut Faciam

I shall find a way or make one.


Soli Deo


All Glory to God (the highest aim.)

If you would like to explore working with me,

call me. 

I live in a cabin in the woods 

on the side of a mountain with my wife, two Belgian Malinoises, extremely high speed internet access, and privacy. 

We have no distractions. 

Thus, my life, time, and attention is dedicated to them, and my clients.