Consulting and Advisory for Business Owners

Scale Sustain Freedom


I'm Evan Thomsen

Business owners are innovators, risk takers, and prosperity creators. I’m driven to help more of them succeed.

I’ve worked with business owners around the world on scaling and sustaining their businesses, improving their life, health, and relationships, and charting a course to freedom. 

In terms of personality, I’m serious and analytical. Nobody would use the word “nice” to describe me. I appear boring. I’m basically a business version of Edmund Burke, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Niccolo Machiavelli.



Business process design, testing, implementation, management, and analysis.


Long-term advisory and C-suite/Board management consulting.


All-in business relationship where we share risk in starting and scaling a new enterprise.


Don't Chase The Dream Job, Build It

The unconventional guide to inventing your career and getting any job you want.