Obsessively optimizing value creation and scaling businesses.

Businesses start with an innovator. They find success because they do what they do well. But they scale with data analysis, financial modeling, operations optimization, strategic planning, information systems, and a culture of learning. I bring the latter.

This is why I'm a business consultant. To continue to improve the world.

Free Mar·ket Cap·i·tal·ism

A political and economic philosophy that just so happened to precede the greatest and fastest rise in human development, expansion of individual rights, increase in life expectancy, and decrease in child mortality.

Its most visible impact is the massive decline in the proportion of people who die from lack of nutrition, preventable disease, or natural disasters, and the massive increase in the proportion of people with advanced degrees in the social sciences who complain about Free Market Capitalism.

I'm Evan Thomsen. A consultant, analyst, and advisor.

I help new businesses get off the ground, established businesses scale, and executives at all levels better understand and develop themselves and their teams.

An executive of marketing, information technology, analytics, finance, and nonprofit board member, Evan has consulted with more than 40 businesses in 10 countries, helped co-found five startups, and is an 82nd Airborne Division veteran.