Companies that aren’t making an app in a big city don’t seem to matter anymore. We disagree. 

Instead of protesting, we decided to start our own consulting firm, and dedicate our work to serving the businesses that serve needs, not trends.

this is the hill we'll die on


Originally from Iowa (Evan) and South Carolina (Tyanna), we grew up watching small towns get hollowed out.

After the army (Evan) and university (Tyanna), we moved to D.C. like everyone else in our generation and started living the great life according to the times.

But it wasn’t a good life. We missed community, trust, values, and authentic human interaction.

So in 2016 we left and decided to start working together and didn’t look back. We didn’t want to complain about the problems we saw in the world, we just wanted to play our part to solve them.

We offered our skills and passion to small businesses around the world. We learned everything we could, and are still learning. We struggled and had many set backs, but we had enough wins to get where we are now.

Our mission has become clear – help lindy businesses succeed.

We’ve found that we’re pretty good at consulting and advisory, web design and marketing. We’ve worked with companies in many industries, many countries, and at many levels of development (from new companies to well established ones), and we have a track record of success, results, and honest counsel. But it isn’t just about results, as there are many consultants, web designers, and marketing agencies out there. 

We’re different because we want to fight like hell for the small and family business.

We’re not looking to make a quick buck off you because we identified some market opportunity. We do it because we care.

After all, a great goal in life is to find work that you truly love. We have.

We hope to hear from you soon and to see if we can provide value to your business, your family, and your community.

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Evan is an experienced business consultant with an established track record of building quality websites, increasing sales and revenue through sound, long-term marketing strategies, and providing trusted advisory for small businesses around the world. He has served in the US Army, worked with businesses and nonprofits both large and small, and has helped start five companies. He has degrees in international security and conflict analysis and is currently completing his MBA.

tyanna thomsen


Tyanna is a social media guru, e-commerce specialist, and incredible project manager. A College of Charleston graduate and true Southerner, she is now living around the world and learning the community business trends of other countries and cultures. She is passionate about small communities, getting to know what makes them tick, and taking action by doing her part to hold them up.