Natura non facit saltus; mankind must

Our greatest vehicle is business.

Businesses and capable executives improve the world. They expand the horizon of human potential and moral performance.

Businesses solve problems and create value better and faster than other systems. Business culture and management systems are created by executives.

I help them create profit. Profit is created through productivity, innovation, risk taking, and efficiency.

Evan Thomsen, Consultant

Improve. Repeat.

This is my approach to consulting.

I’ve worked with businesses, non profits, and professionals in many countries, many industries, and at many stages of development. Whether it’s a short term project or a long term partnership, I improve them. If I can’t, I move on. Because my happiness, as well as my income, depends upon my effectiveness.

For my clients, I wake up thinking about “what we’re doing and how we can do it better” and I go to bed thinking the same thing.

Other things I'm working on

  • Join a nonprofit board/advisory board; something in econ-dev, entrepreneurial education.
  • PhD?
  • Another startup
  • Seeing a thriving Albanian wool industry
  • A book
  • Building my house, est 2021
  • Live under my own vine and fig tree and not be afraid.