About Evan

In the words of Frank Sinatra: “I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king.”

And this is an approximation of my professional background.

Grocery clerk, shoe salesman, kettlebell trainer, paratrooper, choir director, counter-terrorism researcher, humanitarian, serial entrepreneur.

I’ve done manual labor and sophisticated research. I’ve worn a suit, a combat uniform, and wranglers to whatever office. I’ve been the junior, middle management, executive-level, founder, and board member. I’ve started five companies. Some failed. Some succeeded. I learned in every case.

Through the creative use of military educational benefits I have a few more degrees than I perhaps need. But if you care about that kind of thing several universities have given me a piece of paper.

my philosophy

The world is improved by more and better businesses, and my job is to help support businesses in their ethical obligation to create value and profit.

I’m taught that I’m supposed to say profit is evil and that “I want to make the world a better place” without putting down any specifics or developing any personal expertise or responsibility.

Instead, I see all the good in the world because people like you have found a way to create profit, and thus, value. And seeking expertise and personal responsibility is how I prefer to spend my time, regardless of its popularity.

So I’m devoting my life to you.

The business owners, profit makers, value creators of the world.

And devoting my life to being a great consultant.

Because helping businesses grow actually makes the world a better place.

The most accurate form of proof I have in my commitment to this philosophy is from the nicknames some of my clients have given me.

I have been called the Liam Neeson, Gordon Ramsay, Sheldon Cooper, and Machiavelli of business consulting.

I'm not alone

My wife is my partner in all things. Tyanna is an incredible supporter of my work and I owe so much of my professional growth to her.

Together, we’re just a happily married couple living the entrepreneurial dream. And this business – ET Consulting – was built out of a desire to do something together.

Personally, I didn’t see the point in leaving her everyday to go to an office filled with people I didn’t vow to commit my life to. Ideally we’d like to spend the maximum amount of time together as possible. So, we found a way to work together and be successful on our terms.