In Defense of Bill Gates

Two weeks post the divorce announcement and it is popularly argued that the image of the greatest entrepreneur and philanthropist our species can name is

The Old Career Model Is Dead

Page 1 of my soon to be published book. There’s a problem in how we approach our careers. Nobody is talking about it. Here’s what

The Lean Career

A section from my soon to be published book. I highly recommend reading “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship

The worst phrase of all phrases

I’m not trying to make a ton of money. This has many siblings: I’m not trying to get rich; I just want a sustainable source

Towards a new geographical advantage

For context, much of this assumes an understanding of the book “Why The West Rules – For Now” by Ian Morris. I recommend watching this

My thoughts out of season

Today we have a global pandemic. Which threatens the health of people and economies. Time will tell which one is more vulnerable, and which we

On the shoulders of giants

It is a privilege to live in a time where the work of the few geniuses our civilizations’ have produced is freely available and easily

My Politics

All information is part autobiography. Thus, if I dare to write anything I necessarily convey a political view, as politics is the flower of personal