When you shouldn’t outsource your website management

We’ve been working with small business owners for a while now, and have learned quite a bit about when outsourcing your web needs works, and doesn’t work.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a summary of our experience about what produces the best results for small businesses.

Summary: If the below list doesn’t sound like you… then you can and should outsource your small business website needs.

You need to update your site multiple times a day

Don’t outsource.

Think big online e-commerce shops.

If you need to update your site very regularly, and if these updates need to happen as quickly as possible, then don’t outsource your web design and management. You need someone in-house, monitoring your site all the time, and ready to respond to the changes required, quickly and efficiently. In this sense, you aren’t just hiring a web-dev, but an operations person.

It should go without saying, but this also assumes that your website is a serious income generator, as the above requirement is expensive.

Your business is an online platform

Don’t outsource.

Think apps, social media, and online communities.

If your website also serves as an active eco-system for your customers, then you really need someone in-house to be responsive. You will likely need several people, as your web team is also your customer service team.

You reeeally want to have control over the website yourself

Don’t outsource.

This has been the number one problem we’ve encountered – when business owners aren’t looking to hire an expert web designer, but someone who can do the technical tasks that they want.

For us, this is frustrating. Should the business make great strategic and hiring decisions? Or should they micromanage and conform every project to their level of ability? The clients we’ve worked with have been incredible, and every business owner has accomplished a tremendous amount – but they aren’t web designers! We’ve spent thousands of hours obsessing over how to build more effective websites and how to create long-term marketing strategies. Let us add this value to the fullest.

Anything else?

Based upon our experience, no. Not yet.

We always have more to learn, and will come back to this article and update it when we learn more. But if you don’t fit into any of these categories, then you can outsource your web design and management to a firm like ours.

It’s a good business decision because we can get you equal or better service and quality for 30–60% of the market rate (using US salary averages).

Don’t hire an expensive full-time staff when you can outsource to an American family-owned small business (and get better service at a better rate).

If you’re ready to build an out of this world website, and more, for your small business, contact us now and let’s get started.

What are you waiting for?