This blog is about business philosophy and psychology

I won’t write ads disguised as helpful information and I’m not trying to become an INfluencer. This type of writing is annoying. The internet needs less of it.

Like Schopenhauer, I am writing for myself. You can, therefore, know that nothing I write is a lie, knowingly, because nobody wishes to be deceived, most of all by themselves.

I’m a consultant and advisor. If you want to know more, I’m a phone call away.

From time to time I will share insights and reflections based on my knowledge, experience, and study. I write at the intersection of business, philosophy, history, religion, and psychology.

I like Friedrich Nietzsche. He said he conducted his philosophy “with a hammer.” I’ll do the same – hit (business) ideas with a hammer to test whether or not they are made of metal or fluff.

All my writing will be here: