Website Design

Is your website representing the great work your business does? If not, we’d love to help build and maintain your online image to reflect and enhance your business.

Websites designed for Small Businesses

There’s thousands of web designers out there. So how are we different?

We’re different because a good website sells products and services, represents a company brand powerfully, and responds to the needs of customers. These things aren’t taught in computer science class. They are taught in psychology departments and business school.

And that’s our background.

When you work with us you’ll get technical quality you want and the business support and marketing savvy you need.

  • 37 Websites created/managed
  • 31 Happy clients who outsourced their website needs to us
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"In the need of redesigning a pair of web sites, I was put in touch with Mr. Thomsen as someone who possessed special skills in web design and marketing. Mr. Thomsen tackled the project pair with enthusiasm, following it to completion as if it was a matter of personal interest and pride. His skills set in this regard was outstanding and the result exceeded expectation."

Robert Hollander
Owner, 2 Red Winery

"Evan is the consummate professional. He is timely in all his communications. He goes above and beyond to balance our future goals with start up needs. He has us poised for growth in our headshot photography business. We look forward to working with Evan as our business grows."

Kevin Scott
Owner, Kevin Scott Photography
What we can do for you.
  • Design, develop, optimize, manage, and continually improve your website.
  • Research, strategize, implement, analyze, evaluate, and continually improve your marketing effort.
  • Be a trusted partner for the longterm. We're consultants, we get paid to solve problems, and make continuous improvements. If you work with us, that's what you'll get.
  • Start Risk-Free. If you aren't satisfied with us after one month, we offer a full refund. We offer this because we are so confident in the value we provide. To date, no refunds have been claimed.

That depends on the complexity of your site needs, whether you need a re-design or to create completely new content from the ground up, and, your own level of urgency.

As a range, I’ve completed a company website (as a re-design) in under 24 hours. While another site took two months to finish due to the level of complexity and the need for review and analysis at every stage of development.

No problem! We need feedback. Typically, we create a website 2-3 times before we are happy with it. 

In the end, we guarantee your satisfaction. If we can’t complete the project to your liking, you’ll get a full refund.

Of course! More and more online traffic is coming from mobile sources. So a website that doesn’t work on all platforms is like closing your shop to half of your customers.

Check out my own site on your cell phone for an example…

Start with us!

We aren’t just web-dev’s (see above…) We actually care about ALL of your business. From the beginning, we’re going to make sure you have the right domain for the right price, and have your own hosting for the right price. We’ll teach you how to manage all of this as well, so you aren’t beholden to expensive technocrats for the rest of your life.

We know what SEO is and we’ll make sure you have it.

Okay we hear this a lot (it’s why we added this to the FAQ…)

Remember again, we aren’t computer scientists, we’re small and family business specialists who are here to bring some serious fire power to your operation. We don’t disappear on clients. If you’d like to get in touch with our current or former clients, let us know, and we’ll connect you.

What People Say About Us
Jim Kosterman pic

Evan reached out to help with our website, gave clear direction for what he needed, and then respectfully and clearly requested additional content to improve the quality of his efforts. With minimal direction he put together a clear, clean, and effective website very quickly. It provides the "right feel" and the right content. I enjoyed working with him, and would recommend him to anyone.

Jim Kosterman
Founder, Hope's Toolbox Inc.

I am very happy with everything Evan has done for my company. He has built my website and has done an amazing job. He is also very good in advising what will be the next steps to bring your company to the next level. I would definitely advise you to start working with him.

Renske de Gee
Owner, Expat Mom

Working with Evan was easy and simple, which is what I needed. He was professional and efficient, taking the website quickly from conception to completion, checking with me along the way. The website is amazing, much better than anything I could have attempted on my own.

Terrance Layhew
Writer, Organic Inspector, and Host of the Intellectual Agrarian

Evan is foremost, an achiever. His ability to strategize, set a direction, and motivate others is not something you see every day, or in every job. I have learned more from him about leadership and integrity than I have from most managers that I have worked under.

Lani Hollander
Managing Partner, Aiko Global Consulting

It is a pleasure working with Evan. He has constructed a website for me and has dedicated time to review and renew the website to accommodate new developments. Also, he naturally has a disposition towards recognizing and serving your best interests with honesty and clarity.

Todd Peyton
Psychologist, Innerwork Counseling