The difference between traditional web developers and ET Consulting

Web developers go to school to learn how to code. But small business websites don’t require advanced technical knowledge anymore. So, how is this knowledge useful to making websites for small businesses?

It isn’t…

This article will explain the differences between traditional web developers and us – and why these innovations in the market can help your small business.

Summary: Web development and management is technically simple. Therefore, a good web developer is someone that understands small businesses and marketing, not coding.

The market has changed

Innovation continues, and building websites (for the small business), is now incredibly simple in technical terms. All that coding knowledge no longer offers an advantage to the small business owner.

Moreover, it offers a disadvantage – we can only be an expert in a few things…

And a good website is a website that sells products and services, represents a company brand powerfully, and responds to the needs of your customers. These things aren’t taught in computer science class. They are taught in psychology departments and business school.

And that’s our background.

Why is it technically simple? Can I still get custom… everything?

The first answer: WordPress

And as for customer everything: Yes

Every website we design is in WordPress (see: this website, and our portfolio). And every website is custom-designed in partnership with the business owner and their design or marketing managers.

But isn’t WordPress bad? Isn’t it too simple?

I think this idea is dated… And it continues because traditional web developers see the market reality that we’re talking about in this article.

Here’s an example. One of our client’s pulls in roughly 1M in revenue per month. We built and manage their site. It’s WordPress.

In a few years, there will be a paradigm shift in people’s thinking on this subject. Until then, this is a hidden opportunity for small business owners to take advantage of before market behavior catches up with the truth.

But the simple story is this – good small business websites are created by people who are good salespeople, good marketers, and who understand customer behavior.

Why are small businesses still overpaying for website services?

We have no idea. This is a simple business decision as you can reduce your costs and improve your website performance and functionality (in business terms, which is what truly matters). And that’s because our goal isn’t to impress computer scientists with innovative coding – but to impress you with real business outcomes, like customers, conversions, sales, and more.

Don’t hire a traditional web developer when you can work with us. Take advantage of this change in the market and work with an obsessive marketing team that loves building websites that truly work.

If you’re ready to build an out of this world website, and more, for your small business, contact us now and let’s get started.

What are you waiting for?