The Global Advisor

Since 2016, my wife and I have lived in seven countries.

During that time we built my advisory business, and now her’s.

I’m writing this to share why we took this approach, how we did it, and what we’ve learned because of our global experience and perspective.

In the beginning

It began out of necessity.

We were living in DC and working the supposed dream jobs millennials are supposed to get. It was not a dream.

Like Simba following Scar’s command, we ran away. But “away” is not an answer. So where specifically, and why?

Using Order and Chaos to Our Advantage

We had a simple enough theory: go to a place where we can pay the bills (order) and take incredible risks (chaos).

I got a job in Thailand and the job was easy by design, so both our energies could be devoted to building our future. In case you’re interested, I worked as a humanitarian. Mainly in refugee camps on the Thai-Myanmar border. Everything from aid to economic development. You think your start up is hard? Try doing it in a refugee camp that isn’t recognized by the UN and is technically illegal according to the Thai government. That’s what I helped figure out…

The plan worked “and they lived happily ever after” is the short version.

But this experience grew into more than just a financial calculation that allowed higher risk taking. The experience of living, growing as a young married couple, and doing a lot of business consulting work in a foreign country, shaped my knowledge as an advisor.

Global Perspective Through Living and Learning

I spent a decade of my life getting three degrees and devoting several thousand hours obsessively listening to YouTube lectures. (YouTube is the reason why university is almost pointless)

And the knowledge I gained from “serial living abroad” I find indispensable and impossible to learn through a book.

This is a global economy. We cooperate and compete with talent and markets from Karachi to Lagos to MedellĂ­n.

And even with our infinite knowledge thanks to Google, we still have so many problems and markets of opportunity. These are solved, being solved, being discovered, or being forgotten, in different places around the world at different times.

Knowledge of these dynamics is valuable. Ignorance is costly. And while no one mind can canvass the world of knowledge or experience, one mind can go quite far.

My job is to go far.

For this reason, while Thailand was temporary, Global was not.

After that, we lived in Albania, Australia, back to US (Covid requirements), Mexico, Italy, and Croatia.

We plan to settle in Florence, Italy, but will never stop traveling.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here is the brief list of the things we’ve experienced living this life:

  • Designed first marketing strategy for a Thai company working in a sector I had zero experience in, result was 30% YOY growth for the past four years.
  • Tyanna became so well loved in our Thai community that she was put at the front of the Songkran (Thai New Year) parade in the Wiang Kum Kam village in northern Thailand. This kind of thing doesn’t happen.
  • Helped a Thai chocolate company with their startup strategy.
  • Did some random consulting work on a military base in southern Sinai.
  • Started a wool export company in southern Albania and collected 15,000 kg of wool.
  • At this point, Tyanna had modeled in four countries and had been published in three magazines. Including a photoshoot at 10,000 ft in the Austrian Alps in the immediate aftermath of an avalanche.
  • Built a research and technical team in the Philippines for a client. This team now comprises a major part of the company.
  • Managed a call center operation in Mauritius for the solar industry in Australia.
  • Most of this done while advising a small group of clients that I am hyper loyal to in the Australian finance industry.
  • Designed our first home in North Carolina. Construction got delayed continuously, so we left and moved abroad again vowing to never return. House we designed we will never live in. To be sold.
  • Started Tyanna’s business in Florence, inspired by the city.
  • Talked a client through a multi-million dollar crisis while pacing around the top of Giotto’s Bell Tower.

The Global Advisor

This is my life.

My travels are a steady stream of education and inspiration, without which I would be less capable and less valuable.

I offer my clients my brain, loyalty, obsession, and a world of experience – from anywhere. All you need is WhatsApp.

I will help turn businesses into empires from everywhere.