How much does a small business website actually cost?

Small businesses are missing out on an opportunity to reduce their website and/or IT costs by over 50% – outsource to us (an American, veteran, family-owned small business). It doesn’t sound so radical anymore, does it?

Here is some data on what websites and online infrastructure are costing small businesses.

Summary: Small businesses are overpaying for website and online presence needs. We can reduce your costs by 50% or more.

Web Manager Average Salaries USA

This is the data from Glassdoor

This controls for small businesses (50 employees or less), and includes a range of $44K to $91K. As we prefer to work with small businesses in smaller communities, we’ll assume the low end of that – your website costs $44K in US terms. In this case, we can cut your costs by at least 50%. If you had been planning on spending more, then we can cut your costs by a lot more.

Here is the data from Payscale

The average and range is a bit lower, but the story is still the same. You are overpaying, at least compared to the level of service we can offer (equal or better) and the rate.

Should you outsource?

First read this article to determine if you shouldn’t outsource.

However, the answer is probably yes. This is a way to reduce your costs overnight, and, in all honesty, probably improve the value and performance of your website. (read: the difference between traditional web developers and ET Consulting)

Don’t hire an expensive full-time staff when you can outsource to an American family-owned small business (and get better service at a better rate).

If you’re ready to build an out of this world website, and more, for your small business, contact us now and let’s get started.

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