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Marketing and web design for an Australian startup

Web Design, Management, and SEO

We built and designed the entire website, as well as their social media accounts. Currently, we manage all these assets. Keeping them up to date, monitoring analytics, and making continuous improvements based upon data and customer feedback.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Good marketing needs to grab people's attention, and a good brand (in the finance industry) needs to communicate trust. We developed a strategy that fit their needs.

Ad Creation, Strategy, and Implementation

We built out their social media advertising process and content – and we manage the entire operation. We've developed custom designed ads, A/B/C tested different ad types and demographics, and are making improvements based upon the data. Slowly but surely, aiming to find better conversions for less costs.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The finance and investment industry in Australia is highly regulated. What can and can't be said is a matter of significant importance – the wrong statements could force the business to close. Our work was closely monitored and cautiously implemented to ensure that we didn't put the company at risk.

Major website upgrade for a Puppy Rescue

Web Design and SEO

The Puppy Haven site needed an upgrade, and we delivered that. As an established organization with great web traffic, this was needed for them to continue to grow and reach more of their customers.

Operations Optimization

Their website needs to be updated regularly with new dogs. This takes time. We built the framework in a way that allows them to save time doing this work, while also setting up some poka-yoke styled guides so errors are unlikely.

Customer Centric Approach

The user experience is key. For Puppy Haven, they needed forms that were easy for visitors to fill out, in order for them to successfully adopt a new pup. We set up built-in web forms so their customers can more easily get started with the adoption process.


Now, how do they manage their new site? No problem. I took extra time to train their former web manager. We got on skype, shared screens, and we walked through all the tasks that she'll need to do step by step.

Creating a brand and message to fit the product

Web Design & E-Commerce

We built and designed the entire website, as well as their e-commerce platform (woocommerce). A major focus was also the marketing language and copywriting. This was necessary to improve the clarity of the message.


The founder of the company wants to create a trusting relationship with the customer, so we needed to put her front and center. This required some photoshop work to get her professional images to stand out in a way that worked with the design.

Social Media Setup

When your social media looks like your website, more people become customers. Why? We like consistency. We made sure to adopt the brand identity and language to OxyPower's social media accounts.

Business Cards and more

Trade shows and networking were important to help this business grow. So we designed several other brand aspects of the company, including business cards.

A family restaurant that needed a great website

Web Design

We eat lunch at Limani everyday (seriously). And we noticed that they didn't have a website. Problem solved. Other than the owner, we probably know this restaurant better than anyone. We were happy to build their online image and tell their story in this way.

SEO Targetting

English speakers search for restaurants while on vacation using english phrases. But Saranda, Albania has tourists from all over. Our plan is to get a crisp translation of the site into the main languages based upon tourist volume. This will help them stand out for years to come.

Simple Design and Function

Restaurants don't need gigantic, multi page websites. Have you ever gone to a restaurant website and explored anything more than the menu, photos, basic offering, and location? We don't make five pages when one will do.

Telling a story of wine and charity in a powerful way

Web Design & E-Commerce

We built and designed the entire website, as well as their e-commerce platform (woocommerce). The story of the organization was already established, all that was needed was a great design and flow of information.


If you donate to the Robert and Susan Hollander Foundation (in support of prostate cancer research), you get high-quality wine from their winery, 2 Red Winery. That's a great deal, but also a long sentence. This needs a good slogan... Wine, with a purpose. We encourage you to drink, charitably.


The website project started right before the yearly fundraiser the organization runs every year. This project synergized with an overall copywriting effort on the site and in the fundraising campaign.

Peace of Mind

Updates are needed on the site from time to time. We've been available to accommodate all changes needed.

A website, brand, and strategy for an entrepreneur

Web Design and SEO

Expat Mom had a site... and it was a bit disconnected and didn't represent her brand, message, and identity clearly or accurately. The right colors, formatting, information, and photos helped bring out her business and message in an effective way.

Marketing Strategy

What's the best way to reach customers? In the end, you have to invest either time, or money. My client had time, energy, and knowledge. So that formed the right strategy. We are in the process of building out a blog with topics that respond to her customer's challenges, getting powerful testimonials from her clients, and building B2B partnerships.


As a non-native English speaker (and with a customer base that is predominantly English speaking), copywriting for both language and content was needed.

Peace of Mind

Updates are needed on the site from time to time. We've been available to accommodate all changes needed.