Every business and entrepreneur has 100 great ideas, but...

Has limited resources. Restricted access to specialized staff. Limited technical capabilities. And a tight budget.

This isn’t solved by traditional staffing. It’s solved by bringing in a good consultant.

A bit about me

I’m a specialized consultant.

I started consulting in 2018 as a freelancer while working a regular job. In three months I was making enough to quit that regular job. Since then, over 35 businesses and professionals from 10 countries have worked with me.

Ultimately, I’m an obsessive strategist who loves nothing more than working in the background and doing (what many people consider to be) the boring work. My livelihood depends on me being good at this.

Pretty good incentive structure, yes? I come existentially pre-motivated.

what i do

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From startups to established brands. Like Liam Neeson, I bring a particular set of skills honed over many years.

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A decade of marketing and comms. Multiple industries and countries. Track record of increasing sales and ROI.

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Websites, CRM, automation, design, data analytics, financial analysis.

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Profit is value. Helping you create more profit and a values-based culture is my purpose.

how i work

Many consultants guarantee results. I don’t.

If I knew about a business that had guaranteed results, I’d probably just do that, and so would you – so let’s talk about the real world. 

Business is risk. Good business is taking appropriate risk while balancing acceptable costs with desirable outcomes.

My method is to work with you in a way that balances risk with reward. If you see potential in having me on your team, and I see potential in your business, then we can find terms.

This is how I work with all my clients. I start at a lower rate – an acceptable cost to you – and our relationship grows as I add value.

How will I add value?

I don’t know, because we haven’t spoken yet. 

I don’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. I listen to your objectives, analyze your market, find inefficiencies in your operation, and identify opportunities that have yet to be captured.

See my incentive structure comment above. My life depends on keeping my monthly retainer. That only happens if I offer substantially more value to you in return.

my why

Helping businesses create profit is a noble and moral aim.

This is because the vast majority of all value and productivity is created through business, and very few people are willing or able to take the risk in starting and growing a business. These people are my heroes. 

If this describes you then you’re also my hero.

Helping them and you create more value in the world is my why. It is a privilege to do so.

let's start

Call me.

A five minute conversation reveals most things. If you’ve read this far, we might as well have a conversation.