How to make your small business more customer centric

Customer centricity is a “new” buzzword being widely used. It is essentially the same as older terms like “customer-focused” or “market-driven,” but there are some subtle differences that are important to understand for small businesses. This article will explain the practical meaning of the term and where small business owners can take advantage of adopting […]

The difference between traditional web developers and ET Consulting

Web developers go to school to learn how to code. But small business websites don’t require advanced technical knowledge anymore. So, how is this knowledge useful to making websites for small businesses? It isn’t… This article will explain the differences between traditional web developers and us – and why these innovations in the market can help […]

How much does a small business website actually cost?

Small businesses are missing out on an opportunity to reduce their website and/or IT costs by over 50% – outsource to us (an American, veteran, family-owned small business). It doesn’t sound so radical anymore, does it? Here is some data on what websites and online infrastructure are costing small businesses. Summary: Small businesses are overpaying […]

When you shouldn’t outsource your website management

We’ve been working with small business owners for a while now, and have learned quite a bit about when outsourcing your web needs works, and doesn’t work. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a summary of our experience about what produces the best results for small businesses. Summary: If the below list doesn’t sound like […]

The old-new opportunity for small businesses

Over the past few decades, malls and chain stores took customers away from small businesses. Today, Amazon and online retailers are taking away customers from malls and chain stores. What does this mean for the small business owner? You have a new market advantage – unique, handmade, craft, locally-sourced, sustainable, and human interaction. Know your […]