Evan is a consultant, analyst, and advisor. 

  • He has 10+ years experience advising business owners and executives,
  • 7+ in marketing and communications,
  • 5+ in data analysis,
  • and 4+ in managing enterprise-wide IT operations. 

Evan previously worked as a fitness trainer, an army choir director, and a humanitarian in five countries. He is now a business consultant and advisory and has worked with over 50 companies in 10 countries.

He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Security and International Affairs, and an MBA.

Born in Iowa, he has lived in North Carolina, Washington DC, Thailand, Albania, Australia, and Mexico.

Most importantly, he is extremely married.

  • Myers-Briggs: iNTJ-A
  • Big 5: Openness 68, Conscientiousness 99, Extraversion 63, Agreeableness 67, Neuroticism 1
  • Gallup/Cliffton Top 5 Strengths: (1) Achiever (2) Learner (3) Competition (4) Input (5) Deliberative