Evan Thomsen Bio

Evan Thomsen is a consultant who brings strategic and analytical discipline to ambitious startups.

After working with more than 40 young enterprises in over 10 countries, Evan understands the principles that separate thriving versus struggling – and the romance of the scrappy startup lead to struggle. Those who thrive build discipline, data, and lean management processes that scale, adapt, and learn. Evan’s mission is to integrate such rigor into passionate startups and founders.

As the Marketing and IT Director of AGAT, a finance consultancy in Australia, Evan has helped develop a startup into an established, scalable enterprise and trusted brand across the country.

Never one to follow an obvious path, Evan has a diverse professional career.

Evan is the founder of a wool export company in Albania. He is a Senior Consultant with a VPS company in Thailand. And volunteers with small nonprofits in Guyana and America. Previously, he worked on humanitarian projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and India. He helped found a VOSB in Washington DC. And served in the 82nd Airborne Division as the Musical Director of the division’s a cappella choir.

He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Security and International Affairs, and an MBA.

He is extremely married. Evan and his wife, Tyanna, are currently building their home deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.