The Global Advisor

Since 2016, my wife and I have lived in seven countries. During that time we built my advisory business, and now her’s. I’m writing this to share why we took this approach, how we did it, and what we’ve learned because of our global experience and perspective. In the beginning It began out of necessity. […]

What Business Owners Can Learn from the Story of Modu

The value of loyalty. Modu (234-174 BC) was the son of Touman, the leader of the Xiongnu tribal confederacy. For reference, this was all during the time of the fall of the Zhou dynasty, the warring states period, and the formation of the Han dynasty in China. Modu lived quite an interesting life. At a […]

In Defense of Bill Gates

Two weeks post the divorce announcement and it is popularly argued that the image of the greatest entrepreneur and philanthropist our species can name is forever ruined on the basis that he engaged in a few non-monogamist activities over the past three decades. I have no economic reason to defend or condemn Bill Gates. I […]

Businesses should learn from Baseball analytics

I have been enjoying baseball a lot recently. My wife and I watched most of the 2020 post-season, especially the AL and NL CS and the World Series. We even bought two gloves and a ball (used equipment, of course, to save money) and have been playing catch during the day. It’s quite enjoyable and […]

What does Machiavelli have to do with business consulting?

A Business Consultant observes reality dispassionately and reacts appropriately, without arbitrary preference or bias, to help businesses generate profit. Machiavelli, a Political Consultant, wrote about this with respect to political leaders to help them establish and maintain power. I deploy his thinking in service to businesses. Unfortunately, his name is understood negatively. I hope to […]

Talk with people who tell you where and how you’re wrong and blind, often

I haven’t written anything here in a while. Mainly because I’m working on a book… So my writing time is generally well occupied. But after years of doing the thing written in the title, I wanted to jot a few notes in its defense. I don’t simply mean “get out of your echo chamber” or […]

The worst phrase of all phrases

I’m not trying to make a ton of money. This has many siblings: I’m not trying to get rich; I just want a sustainable source of income; I want to help the little guy; I don’t want to be greedy. They are all effectively the same and are being said by the same entrepreneur or […]

Towards a new geographical advantage

For context, much of this assumes an understanding of the book “Why The West Rules – For Now” by Ian Morris. I recommend watching this lecture as well. A synopsis of the book would be to say that “geography matters.” This should be an uncontroversial statement. Nobody would argue that rivers are needed for a […]

My thoughts out of season

Today we have a global pandemic. Which threatens the health of people and economies. Time will tell which one is more vulnerable, and which we are more willing to risk. Time will also tell who was wrong, and the answer will likely be all of us. Today we have social unrest. Our history, our norms, […]

On the shoulders of giants

It is a privilege to live in a time where the work of the few geniuses our civilizations’ have produced is freely available and easily accessible. This essay is simply a collection of paragraphs that I find to be bedrock ideas. Meaning, they cannot be expressed more deeply. They hit the bedrock, the deepest root, […]